Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yoplait Frozen Smoothie = YUM!

I purchased this at my Commissary with some $1 off coupons that were soon to expire thinking what the heck I will try it. All you do is add milk and blend and it is only 110 calories for one serving! I thought I would share because it was SOOOOO good! I shared it with the kids because they thought it was a milkshake and they loved it too. I was pleasantly surprised and there is a coupon on right now for $1 off one! I do not know how much they sell for regularly but at my Commissary they were just $1.75 for the bag with 2 servings - so only $.75 with the coupon! You can't beat that for a low calorie frozen smoothie!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Free C9 clearance at Target!

I found this top on clearance at my Target today. I eagerly went in search of a cheap deal on a C9 brand activewear top so that I could use my $5 off Target coupon that I printed. To my surprise I found this exact top in my size on clearance for $2.48! The cashier adjusted the coupon down to $2.48 so it was FREE for me! If the coupon is still available to print here then take a look at your target and see what you can find! If you don't see it first then look under the "apparel" tab. If you still don't see it then it may not be available any more.